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Future Energy Business

Eco-friendly Hydrogen Energy

KOGAS is taking the lead in building hydrogen nfrastructure to revitalize Korea's hydrogen economy in line with the trend of the times. Rich yet eco-friendly hydrogen energy while requiring new and renewable energy conversion for carbon neutrality!

No. 1 Natural Gas in the World

KOGAS, which supplies clean and
economical natural gas safely
Natural gas produces very little smoke or fine particles
during combustion and has very low carbon dioxide emissions.

Eco-friendly Fuel Conversion

KOGAS will take the lead in the era
of low carbon eco-friendly energy.
Various eco-friendly fuel conversion projects
such as LNG bunkering and large-sized car projects that can
create new LNG demand and gas cooling projects
that will be an alternative to the national power
supply and demand problem in summer!


We are taking the lead in professional research such as
LNG technology, facility technology, hydrogen technology, and
technical support in key research fields for future energy.
We are taking the lead in the world's first and best
technology and safety in key research fields
such as LNG storage tanks, intelligent pigs,
and safety prevention technologies.

Overseas Business

Korea Gas Corporation, which dreams
of becoming an energy powerhouse,
is actively developing overseas resources.
Overseas technology projects and investments from overseas
support exploration to overseas resource development
and production projects, and LNG projects!

Your daily life KOGAS

Natural Gas Promotion Center where you can experience and learn

Through various experience programs, we are with you as a fun space where you can experience natural gas in person.

Energy Education for Children

KOGAS for children who learn about natural gas and clean energy conveniently and safely anytime, anywhere through fairy tales, cartoons, and videos.

Not only in Korea, but also in the world's most prestigious business teams, Taekwondo and Basketball teams!

Korea Gas Corporation is taking the lead in the development of each region through Taekwondo and basketball teams for the health and sports development of the people.

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