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Pyeongtaek Gas Promotion Hall

Pyeongtaek Gas Promotion Hall
175-88 Namyangman-ro, Poseung-eup, Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do, 17949
Exhibition Hall ? 5 themes (25 displays)
(031) 680-3122, 3123
Advance reservation (Internet or phone)
Mainly for group tours, individual viewing to be negotiated in advance
Opening hours
10:00~17:00 Monday through Friday /
Closed on weekends and national holidays
Maximum 110
Tour duration
Approx. 40-60 minutes
(※ Depending on the nature of student groups from elementary school and above, durations may vary.)
Target Audience
Everyone with an interested in natural gas

LNG Promotion Hall Plaza

In the plaza in front of the Pyeongtaek Base Promotion Hall, there are a monument and commemorative trees planted evoking the footsteps of 30 years of KOGAS. Elegant old-world trees line the promotion hall, accentuating the first KOGAS LNG base.

  • The entrance to the LNG PR center square
  • A statue farther into the future
  • LNG promotion old tree 1
  • LNG promotion old tree 2

LNG Promotion Hall Lobby

The lobby features an information desk, an LNG testing corner, and a model of the first LNG carrier.

  • You can fill out guest books and receive promotional brochures at the information desk.
  • The LNG experiment section is prepared, but it is not currently operated for safety reasons.
  • A model of Korea's first LNG transport ship is displayed.
  • Guest book at the information desk.
  • View of the information desk
  • Model of LNG transportation ship
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