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Import Status

KOGAS first imported LNG from Indonesia in October.

In addition to Indonesia and Malaysia, we opened new supply lines from Qatar, Australia, Oman, and the United States to prepare for the increase in demand due to the construction of a nationwide loop supply pipe and to secure the stable supply of LNG. In addition, due to the nature of LNG, which is imported under long-term contracts of 20 years or more, KOGAS uses a scientific statistical analysis model to forecast demand accurately. Given KOGAS’s position as the world’s leading importer of natural gas, we continually reinforce rigid import conditions.

Transport Status

Since LNG carriers must transport a large amount of compressed LNG at -162oC, the manufacturing process is very difficult and requires advanced shipbuilding technology.

In order to foster the domestic shipbuilding and shipping industries, KOGAS has promoted a national LNG ship business policy, and has been using domestic ships in LNG transportation since 1994. This national ship project not only freed up additional LNG transport, but also helped to revitalize the domestic shipbuilding industry.

KOGAS has placed an order for 29 national ships so far, and LNG ships built by six shipbuilding companies have been transporting LNG to Korea from six countries including Indonesia, Qatar, Oman, Russia(Sakhalin), Austrailia, and United States(Sabine Pass). Domestic lines 28 and 29, delivered in October 2019 and January 2020, operate Tongyeong-Jeju to supply natural gas to Jeju Island.

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