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Korea Gas Corporation Basketball Team - Pegasus

농구단 사진

In June 2021, E-Land Elephants was acquired, and the current Pegasus Basketball Team of Korea Gas Corporation was founded along with existing E-Land players, FA recruitment players, and foreign players, led by first coach Yoo Do-hoon and senior coach Kim Seung-hwan.
Pegasus is a flying horse in Greek mythology, meaning that the flying horse, who lived in the divine world, dominates the professional basketball world, and Pegasus' strong impression symbolizes the strongest basketball team, strong will and determination to win.
Starting with the 2021-2022 professional basketball season, we promise to grow into a 100-year club in the future so that we can be loved by more fans in the future.


Pegasus Emblem

Pegasus, a professional basketball team of the Korea Gas Corporation, is a flying horse in Greek mythology, living in the divine world, and flying horses dominate the professional basketball world. Pegasus, who has a strong impression, symbolizes the strongest basketball team and a strong will and determination to defend the championship. The wings extending from the center symbolize the strength, confidence, and dynamism of the players, and expressed the vision, will, and victory of the Korea Gas Corporation's professional basketball team soaring with powerful wings.


Pegasus Mascot

The character of the Pegasus Basketball Team of the Korea Gas Corporation is a character that embodies Pegasus in Greek mythology, and Pegasus, who has a soft and strong impression, expresses fighting spirit and passion. Pegasus, who dominates the ball and court in the air, flaps vigorously for the championship in a dynamic manner. Blue, which symbolizes the energy of the Korea Gas Corporation, and the passion for preparing for the future are expressed in red.

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