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What is LNG Cold Heat?

  • LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) is made by compressing natural gas to about 1/600 of its volume at -162°C for mass transportation and storage. LNG cold heat is generated by vaporizing from -162°C to 0°C, and the generated LNG cold energy can replace about 0.23kwh of electrical energy per kilogram.
  • A significant amount of electricity can be replaced by utilizing LNG cold heat, which has previously been dumped into the sea during the LNG vaporization process. Vitalizing the LNG cooling and heating industry will not only ensure diversity in energy sources, but also contribute to promoting the transition to low-carbon, high-efficiency energy consumption.
LNG 냉열 개념도 - Regasification : LNG Regas, Cooling demand

Major Projects

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Business TitleIncheon New Port Cold Chain Cluster Project
Business OverviewEstablishment and operation of a refrigeration and logistics center using LNG cold heat
Business ScaleTotal floor area: 350,000m3
Business Period2021?2071 (2 years of construction + 48 years of operation)
Business ExpensesKRW 562.2 billion
Business SiteIncheon production base and part of the land immediately behind Incheon New Port
Expected Effects
  • Replacing 42GW of electricity and reducing CO₂ emissions 210,000 tons per year by using LNG cold heat
  • Employment increase of about 8,000 people over the next 10 years, and approx.. KRW 3.5 trillion in production and added value
Participating CompaniesCompanyRoleShare Ratio
KOGASLNG cold heat supply15% (KRW 25.3 billion)
Korea Gas Technology CorporationDesign, purchase, and procurement of cold heat supply facilities5% (KRW 8.4 billion)
Belstar SF Holdings LLCBusiness management50% (KRW 84.3 billion)
EMP Belstar IncheonPF advisory25% (KRW 42.2 billion)
Korea Superfreeze Inc.Regrigeration·freezing warehouse operation and rental5% (KRW 8.4 billion)
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