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Clean Energy Enterprise KOGAS

KOGAS was established in August 1983 to enhance people’s convenience and welfare through the supply of clean natural gas. The main business of KOGAS is building terminals and a gas supply pipeline network, importing LNG, regasifying it at the terminals, and supplying it stably to local gas companies and power plants. We import LNG mainly from the Middle East (Qatar, Oman, Yemen, and Egypt), Southeast Asia (Indonesia and Malaysia), Russia (Sakhalin), Australia, and the United States. KOGAS began supplying natural gas to the Pyeongtaek Thermal Power Plant in 1986, the Seoul Metropolitan Area in 1987, central Korea in 1993, southern mainland Korea in 1995, the west coast in 1999, and the Gangwon-do region in 2002. KOGAS has continuously developed the “National Natural Gas Supply Project” to improve people’s convenience and welfare, and as the nationwide main pipeline was completed, a single loop network was established to ensure a stable supply of gas. Furthermore, we are continuously pushing forward with supply chain expansion projects to contribute to energy welfare and balanced regional development. For example, we have been supplying gas to unconnected mainland areas since 2009, and started natural gas supply to Jeju Island in 2019. KOGAS currently operates a nationwide pipeline network spanning over 5,178(as of Dec. 2022), and supplies natural gas to 19.99 million households in 216 cities and counties with a distribution rate of 85.4% of all households nationwide (as of Dec. 2022).

  • Foundation 1983
  • Number of Employees 4,092 (as of Feb.1, 2023)
  • SalesKRW 50trillion (Based on separate financial statements in 2022)
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Basis of Establishment
  • Korea Gas Corporation Act (Law 3639, enacted in Dec. 1982)
Major Business Operations
  • Production and Distribution of Natural Gas including Purification and Sales of By-products
  • Construction and Operation of LNG Terminals and Natural Gas Distribution Network
  • Exploration, transportation, and Import/Export of Natural Gas
  • Exploration and Import/Export of Liquefied Petroleum Gas
  • Production and Distribution of Hydrogen Energy
  • Development and Import/Export of Hydrogen Energy
  • Research and Technical Development (R&D) for the Above Related
  • Business Areas and Other Incidental Business
  • Tasks Entrusted by the Government or Local Government Agencies
  • Overseas Businesses Related to Above Business Areas
  • KRW 50.30 trillion (Based on separate financial statements in 2022)
  • KRW 51.72 trillion (Based on consolidated financial statements in 2022)
Net Income
  • KRW 8,529 hundred million (Based on separate financial statements in 2022)
  • KRW 14,97 hundred million (Based on consolidated financial statements in 2022)
Earnings Per Share
  • KRW 9,857 won (Based on separate financial statements in 2022)
  • KRW 17,317 won (Based on consolidated financial statements in 2022)
Major R&D Fields
  • Natural Gas Run Vehicle (NGV), Natural Gas Cooling/Heater system for households, Fuel Cells, NOx Reduction Technology, Cooling Energy Technology.

※ When calculating earnings per share based on consolidated financial statements, net income attributable to the owners of the parent company is used

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