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Low Carbon Management Organization

KOGAS low carbon management strategies are devised and enacted through a two-step procedure. First, the Climate Change & Energy Working Committee, consisting of the heads of working departments, considers current issues related to low carbon management. Then the Climate Change & Energy Committee, a decision-making executive body, strategizes and deliberates major issues regarding response to climate change

Low Carbon Management Strategy

With the environmental goal of “Improving People’s Quality of Life through Pre-emptive Response to Climate Change”, KOGAS pursues five strategic aims and twelve tasks

  • Environmental Goals

    Improving People’s Quality of Life through Pre-emptive Response to Climate Change

  • 5 Strategic Aims
    • Leading Emission Trading and response to climate change

    • Establishing environment and energy management systems

    • Strengthening transparent information disclosure

    • Active implementation of government policy and environmental law

    • Establishing social values with people

  • 12 Tasks
      • 1. Pre-emptive response to Emission Trading policy change
      • 2. Developing greenhouse gas reduction business / Securing right to discharge
      • 3. Adapting to climate change, and establishing monitoring system
      • 4. Securing effectiveness of environmental and energy management systems
      • 5. Establishing staff educational program to enhance professional competence
      • 6. Improving fulfillment of governmental energy policy
      • 7. Improving sustainability by increasing DJSI level
      • 8. Reinforcing disclosure of information regarding environmental management
      • 9. Realizing social values by complying with environmental rules
      • 10. Integrated management of air pollutants (e.g., NOx SOx) considering fine dust
      • 11. Active greenhouse gas reduction and eco-friendliness with local community
      • 12. Building environmental network to determine social values
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