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Natural Gas Supply Flow Chart

[Natural Gas Supply System Guide] Supply from production base to supply management, transmission of 6.87 MPa from national piping network (5,140 km), direct supply of mass consumers from supply management to power plants (6.87 → 2.65 MPa) (6.87 → 0.83 MPa)

Natural gas supply system
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Operation Scale

We supply approximately 34,500,000 tons of gas through 430 supply management offices and 5,178 km of pipeline

Organization and Functions of Supply Facilities

Facilities Organization and Functions

  • Pipe Network
    • Underground pipelines deliver high-pressure natural gas from production bases to consumers safely.
    • Pipe diameters range from 36 to 20 inches, and the maximum allowable work pressure is 6.87-0.98MPa (70-10 kg/cm²)
  • Supply Management Office
    • Based on the facilities, technology, inspection, and precision safety diagnosis standards for pipelines outside of wholesale gas production bases and supply offices, we operate three kinds of management offices with respective functions.

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Facility Configuration and Function Table - There are categories, configurations, and functional items.
Classification Organization and Functions
Governor Station (GS) blockingdiffusionstatic pressuremeasuring
Valve Station (VS) blockingdiffusion
Block Valve (BV) blocking

Major National Natural Gas Pipeline Chart (as of December 31, 2023)

Major National Natural Gas Pipeline Chart Download
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