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We shall endeavor for achieving business philosophy of ‘Better Energy, Better World’ and for fulfilling corporate mission of promoting benefit for and improving welfare in life of the People through stable supply of LNG. We aim at achieving a ‘fair society without discrimination’ and also at human rights management, ‘Human first.’
For this, we hereby declare the ‘Human Rights Management Charter of Korea Gas Corporation.’ This reflects international standard on human rights, including the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs) and the Ten Principles of the Global Compact (UNGC), etc., as standards for proper behaviors and value judgments, which shall be abided by the management and staff for improving dignity and values of human being in all process of business activities. We hereby resolve to implement the charter.

  • One, we respect and support international and domestic norms supporting values of human rights, labor, environment, anti-corruption and etc.
  • One, we do not discriminate any interested persons including the management and staff, based on their race, religion, disability, gender, place of birth, political view and etc.
  • One, we assure freedom of association and of collective bargaining for protecting and promoting the human rights of employees.
  • One, we do not permit any forced labor and child labor in whatever forms.
  • One, we ensure industrial safety and right to health, by setting a safe and sanitarily labor environment.
  • One, we endeavor for mutual growth with cooperating companies, and we shall assist and cooperate so as for them to implement the human rights management.
  • One, we respect and protect the human rights of local residents in the area of business activities.
  • One, we abide by laws and regulations relating to environments in Korea and overseas, and we shall endeavor for environment protection and for prevention of environmental disaster.
  • One, we endeavor that our business activities do not cause a harm to safety of the citizens. We shall protect personal information collected for business activities, and ensure consumer’s right to access to information.
  • One, we provide prompt and appropriate relief measures on all human rights infringement taking place in business activities.

We shall endeavor for protection of the human rights of all the interested persons including the management and staff. We hereby resolve to do the utmost for entrenching and spreading of the human rights management.

All Managements and Staffs of Korea Gas Corporation

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