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New Renewable Energy Business

KOGAS is striving to meet the government’s low-carbon policy, and to secure new growth engines. In particular, by reviewing the introduction or commercialization of fuel cell facilities that produce electricity and heat without greenhouse gas, KOGAS will meet the electricity supply and demand difficulties in summer and winter, and competitively drive for new and renewable energy.

New Renewable Energy

KOGAS has introduced various new and renewable energy facilities (solar light, wind power, solar heat, geothermal heat, and fuel cells) in its headquarters building, 13 business offices, and gas supply facilities to produce and use a portion of the building’s energy consumption on its own.

Renewable Energy Installation Status

(As of June 30, 2021)

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Installation status of new and renewable energy.
Type Quantity Number of Bases
Sunlight generation 2,688.8 kW 77
Solar hot water heating 606.8 ㎡ 5
Geothermal energy (cooling) 1,424.6 kW 2
Geothermal energy (heating) 1458.8 kW 3
Wind power 15.7 kW 5
Fuel cells 301 kW 2
Small hydropower 150 kW 1
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