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Natural Gas Supply Business System

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is imported by KOGAS from overseas producers. KOGAS regasifies this LNG, and supplies it directly to power plants and to local city gas companies.

  • Stages 1-4
    at Overseas Producers

    • Stages 1 at Overseas Producers

      1. 1Collection and Purification
    • Stages 2-4 at Overseas Producers

      1. 2Liquefaction Facilities in Producing Countries
      2. 3Storage Tanks in Producing Countries
      3. 4Shipping Facilities
  • Stages 5-10
    at KOGAS (Wholesale)

    KOGAS process (wholesale)

    1. 5Unloading Facilities
    2. 6Storage Tanks
    3. 7Evaporation Gas Compressors
    4. 8Liquefaction Facilities
    5. 9Secondary Pumps
    6. 10Submerged Combustion Vaporizers
  • Stages 11-17
    at City Gas Companies (Retail)

    City Gas Company (retail business)

    1. 11KOGAS Pipeline Network
    2. 12Supply Management Offices
    3. 13Power Plants
    4. 14City Gas Companies
    5. 15General Households
    6. 16General Offices
    7. 17General Factories
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