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Tongyeong Gas Promotion Hall

Tongyeong Gas Promotion Hall
770 Anjeong-ro, Gwangdo-myeon, Tongyeong, 53007, Gyeongsangnam-do
Exhibition Hall ? 10 themes, Experience Hall ? 8 themes
(055) 640-6157, 6158, 6159
Advance reservation (Internet or phone)
Opening hours
10:00~17:00 Monday through Friday /
Closed on weekends and national holidays
40 per group (Maximum 80)
Tour duration
Approx. 60 minutes
(※ For individual visitors: Approx. 30 minutes.)
Target Audience
Everyone with an interested in natural gas


Move left and right

Tongyeong Gas Promotion Center Tour Guide Table, Location, Activity, Duration, total time
Location Activity Duration Total Time
Entrance Commemorative photo 5 mins. 60 mins.
Audiovisual Room Video introducing the Tongyeong Base and characteristics of LNG 15 mins.
Exhibition Hall Introduction of KOGAS base and description of natural gas characteristics, extraction, production, and supply stages 15 mins.
On-site Workplace Experiencing what was learned in the Audiovisual Room and the Exhibition Hall through a tour of the facility 25 mins.

※ This tour is for groups of fewer than 40; larger groups are split. The tour may vary depending on group size.

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