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KOGAS Taekwondo Team

태권도단 사진

Founded in August 1997, the KOGAS Taekwondo Team announced its new beginning under the new leadership of Mr.Jong-man Park(Head Coach) and Mr.Jae-hyun Shin(Coach) in Janurary 2003. We have come a long way to become a world renowned professional Taekwondo Team.

The KOGAS Taekwondo Team has won lots of gold medals in many prestigious competitions including the '98 Bangkok Asian Games, '01, '03, '05, '09 and '17 World Taekwondo Championships, 2014 Asian Games, 2016 Rio Olympic Games. The KOGAS Taekwondo Team relentlessly strives to uphold the passion, pride and dignity of this ancient national sport of Korea and we therefore seek your continued support.


태권도단 현황
Organization 1 manager, 1 coach, 1 trainer 13 athletes
(total member 16)
Construct Taekwondo gymnasium and weight-training room
Transport A bus (24-seats)
Associated Hospital Kyungpook National University Hospital, BBARRN Hospital, DreamHanmaum Rehabilitation Medicine
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