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Development of Technology for Hydrogen Production from Water Electrolysis

  • KOGAS is active in R&D to demonstrate green hydrogen production in connection with renewable energy as part of our transition to eco-friendly energy from 2020.
  • Water electrolysis directly produces hydrogen from water using electricity, and it is eco-friendly since it does not emit greenhouse gases unlike use of fossil fuels.
  • The research team uses a water electrolysis facility that produces green hydrogen from wind power surplus in Jeju-do, a battery system for power storage, hydrogen storage system, and electricity and hydrogen charging stations

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  • 3 MW water electrolysis

    Can produce 50 kg of hydrogen per hour
  • Hydrogen storage

    • 3MW ware electrolysis, 20% wind poser utilization rate
    • 240 kg per day hydrogen storage
    • Storage of surplus power up to a maximum of 600 kg
  • Hydrogen bus charging stations

    Up to 9 buses can be filled per day,
    based on 25 kg/bus


  • Battery storage

    2MWh can be stored per hour
  • Electric vehicle charging stations

    Up to 30 vehicles can be filled per day,
    based on 60 kW/vehicle
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