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Environmental Management Policy Status

KOGAS has been committed to environmental management since 1997 through various activities such as acquiring ISO14001 certification. By setting stricter standards than legal requirements, we actively manage the emission of pollutants such as air and water contaminants from production sites, and through continuous environmental improvement activities throughout our business activities, we are fulfilling our social responsibilities as an environment-friendly company, and contributing to the sustainable development of the country and society.

Environmental policy

  • inimize environmental impact by complying with environmental laws and internal policies
  • Continuously measure the environmental pollutants generated from natural gas production, supply, and construction sites, and periodically evaluate their potential impact
  • Take the lead in preserving biodiversity ecosystems through environmental protection activities
  • Build trust in environmental pollution management, and reinforce transparency by disclosing environmental information
  • Environmental goals

    Contribute to improving the quality of life of the people by preemptive response to climate change

  • 5 Strategic Aims
    • Leading emission trading and response to climate change

    • Establishing environment and energy management systems

    • Strengthening transparent information disclosure

    • Active implementation of government policy and environmental law

    • Establishing social values with people

  • 12 Tasks
      • 1. Pre-emptive response to emission trading policy change
      • 2. Developing greenhouse gas reduction business / Securing emission rights
      • 3. Adapting to climate change, and establishing monitoring system
      • 4. Securing effectiveness of running environmental & energy management system
      • 5. Establishing educational system to enhance professional competency of staff
      • 6. Improving fulfilment of governmental energy policy
      • 7. Improving sustainability by increasing DJSI level
      • 8. Reinforcing the system of information disclosure on environmental management
      • 9. Realizing social values by complying with environmental rules
      • 10. Integrated management of air pollutants (NOx or SOx) considering fine dust
      • 11. Active eco-friendliness and greenhouse gas reduction with local community
      • 12. Building environmental network to create social values

Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation

KOGAS conducts environmental impact assessment to predict and evaluate the impact of environmental changes before constructing facilities or performing operations that may affect the surrounding ecosystem and environment. In addition, KOGAS carries out post-environmental impact assessment for follow-up management and monitoring after construction and during operation, and shares the results with stakeholders.
KOGAS implements a wide range of activities to protect the environment. For example, one division takes care of one mountain, one river, one coastline, and one habitat for endangered species. Through these projects on environmental purification and endangered species habitat restoration, including at the Wolcheon Coastline and Changyeong Upo Weltand, KOGAS is cooperating as a member of the local community, and striving to comply with biodiversity policy.

  • Grand Prize at 2018 Korea Environment & Energy Awards (Jeju LNG Terminal Construction Team)

    Grand Prize at 2018 Korea Environment & Energy Awards (Jeju LNG Terminal Construction Team)

  • Commendation for restoration of endangered species habitat (Samcheok Terminal Division)

    Commendation for restoration of endangered species habitat (Samcheok Terminal Division)

  • Best Institution for 2020 greenhouse gas reduction

    Best Institution for 2020 greenhouse gas reduction

Awards in Environmental Fields

  • 2020
    • Best Institution for 2020 greenhouse gas reduction, Ministry of Environment

      (Climate & Environment Division, Dec. 21)

    • Letter of appreciation for supporting community marine exploration, Tongyeong Coast Guard

      (Tongyeong Terminal Division, June 16)

    • Commendation for environment improvement project, Incheon Clean Public Enterprise Council

      (Incheon Terminal Division, Mar. 31)

  • 2019
    • General Grand Prize at 2019 Korea Environment & Energy Awards, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy

      (Pyeongtaek Terminal Division, Nov. 27)

    • Minister’s Award at 2019 Korea Environment & Energy Awards, Ministry of Environment

      (Incheon Terminal Division, Nov. 27)

    • Best practices for 8th environmental impact assessment follow-up management, Ministry of Environment

      (Samcheok Terminal Division, July 22)

    • Best Institution in Incheon Environment Improvement Project, Incheon Metropolitan City

      (Incheon Terminal Division, Mar. 8)

  • 2018
    • Commendation on restoration of endangered species habitat project, Wonju Regional Environmental Office

      (Samcheok Terminal Division, Dec. 31)

    • General Grand Prize at 2018 Korea Environment & Energy Awards, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy

      (Jeju LNG Terminal Construction Team, Nov. 16)

    • Gyeongnam Governor’s Prize at the commemorative event for the 10tn anniversary of the Ramsar Convention Conference of the Parties, Gyeongsangnam-do

      (Busan & Gyeongnam District Division, Oct. 10)

  • 2015
    • Environment Minister’s Award at Korea Environment & Energy Awards

      (Daejeon & Chungcheong District Division, Nov. 23)

    • Grand Prize at 2015 Green Environment Awards, Ecolaw

      (Daejeon & Chungcheong District Division, July 22)

  • 2014
    • First Prize at the 11th Geumgang Environment Awards; Geum-River Basin Environmental Office, Joongdo Ilbo

      (Daejeon & Chungcheong District Division, Dec. 11)

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