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Risk Management

KOGAS identifies risks that may occur in new, expanded, or changed facilities, as well as risk factors due to work activities. This is done by analysing causes, evaluating results, and presenting recommendations and action plans for risk reduction and elimination. Safety inspection activities are conducted randomly throughout the year. Through this, KOGAS manages accidents and disasters by continuously improving safety inspection efficiency through the collection and analysis of risk factor data, and through the intensive management of key factors.

Safety! It's a promise that will protect your precious dreams.

Disaster Response

To protect people’s lives and property from disasters, KOGAS operates optimal gas facilities that are safe from disasters, and monitors these with warning and disaster prevention system. Within its systematic and advanced disaster response system, KOGAS is equipped with an on-site organization and rapid disaster response system for in order to rapidly respond to possible scenario. Through periodic disaster training and organic cooperation with related organizations, KOGAS is leading public sector disaster preparedness, and we are putting full effort into creating a society in which people can feel safe from disasters.

2017 Tongyeong Base Safety Korea Training ('17.11.01)

Safety Culture Settlement

To raise safety awareness in society as a whole, KOGAS carries out safety promotion activities such as the Safety Inspection Day campaign on the 4th of each month. In order to publicize our safety culture effectively, headquarters and regional offices work closely with local governments and related organizations. KOGAS also publicizes central government campaigns such as seasonal forest fire prevention, awareness of risks of the thawing season, National Safety Diagnosis, and Safe Korea Excercise. By conducting these campaigns, we contribute to promoting safety culture.

The forest fire prevention campaign near Palgongsan Mountain on Safety Inspection Day ('17.05.04)
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