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Energy Gallery Cheongyeon

When KOGAS began operations in Daegu, the natural gas promotion hall Energy Gallery Cheongyeon was opened. Energy Gallery Cheongyeon, located on the second floor of the Daegu headquarters, utilizes differentiated advanced IT technologies such as a 360º screen, 180º sky view, and augmented reality (AR) video. It serves as a space for children to learn through experience, and as a cultural space for local residents to enjoy with their families as well.

Energy Gallery Cheongyeon
2nd Floor, 120 Cheomdan-ro, Dong-gu, Daegu
(053) 670-0954, 0955
Advance reservation (Internet or phone)
Opening hours
09:00?18:30 Monday through Thursday, 09:00?16:00 Friday /
Closed on weekends and national holidays
30 people per session
Tour duration
Approx. 40 minutes
Target Audience
Everyone with an interest in natural gas

ALL THAT natural gas

Learning all about natural gas through a 360º screen, 180º sky view, and AR! We invite you to a pleasant space where you can experience natural gas first-hand through various experiences.

  • The energy pioneering spirit of KOGAS seen through a 180º sky view screen
  • Production and exploration of natural gas through Korea’s first 360º 4K screen
  • The eco-friendliness of natural gas enjoyed through AR video
  • Skyview screen (Promotion video for pioneering energy)
  • Skyview screen. (The process of fossils becoming energy)
  • Augmented reality center

Promotional Hall guide

  • 1Korea’s Leading Energy Pioneer
  • 2Story of LNG
  • 3Natural Gas Pipeline Diagram
  • 4Global KOGAS
  • 5The Story of KOGAS
  • 6KOGAS R&D: Energy & Tech
  • 7AR Experience Hall
  • 8Energy LAB

Promotional Hall guide

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