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Rational and Transparent Management
We are a socially responsible public enterprise

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When KOGAS became a government-financed corporation in October, 1997, the system of having a chief director alongside a government-appointed director was abolished. Hence the corporation adopted an executive and non-executive director system. However, as KOGAS was designated as a market-type public enterprise (public enterprise with more than 2 trillion won of assets and with its own income ratio of 85% or higher), in April 2007 due to the designation and notification of public corporations and quasi non-governmental organizations, an auditing committee was set up, and the offices of President and Chief of the Board of Directors (senior non-executive director) were separated.

Through responsible management centered on the Board of Directors, KOGAS continuously strives to maintain an ideal corporate governance structure to improve transparent and effective management by meeting the demands of the times and by promoting the rights and interests of all parties including shareholders.

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