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The committee composition and function table within the board of directors contains information on classifications, members, and deliberations.
Committee Member Things to Consider
Auditing Committee Executive (1) ,
Non-executive (2)
  • Reports on violations of law and articles of association by the members of the Board of Directors
  • Matters delegated by the Board of Directors, and matters to be resolved by Auditing Committee according to the law and articles of association
ESG Committee Director (3 or more)
  • Environment and hydrogen business, and carbon neutrality plan
  • Integrity & ethical management, and plan for realization of social values
  • ESG evaluation, and plans for improvement of corporate governance
  • Safety management plan
Overseas Business Committee Director (3 or more)
  • Exploration, development, and production of overseas resources
  • Evaluation and consultation on overseas plant projects and other overseas businesses


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Composition of committees within the board of directors - You can check the classification, members, positions, names, and comments.
Committee Member Position Name Remarks
Auditing Committee Executive (1),
Non-executive (2)
Non-executive Sang Ho Park
Non-executive Hyun Mi Ji
Executive Jin Gu Kang
ESG Committee Non-executive(3) Non-executive Seok Sun Lee
Non-executive Jung Min Kim
Non-executive Hong Chong Cho
Overseas Business Committee Non-executive(3) Non-executive Dong-Mi Shin
Non-executive Ju Chan Lee
Non-executive Si Heon Seong
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