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Ecogas Living Story

Eco Living Story, a natural gas experience center, provides correct information on the eco-friendliness and safety of natural gas, and introduces various new energy industries and low-carbon, high-efficiency devices using natural gas, whose role has become more important due to global climate change.

Ecogas Living Story
Deokneung-ro 70-gil (711-16 Sanggye-dong), Nowon-gu, Seoul, 01772
Promotion Hall, Exhibition Hall, Experience Hall
(02) 952-9340, 9341, 9342
Advance reservation (Internet or phone)
Mainly for group tours, individual viewing to be negotiated in advance
Opening hours
10:00~17:00 Monday through Friday /
Closed on weekends and national holidays
20 people per team
Tour duration
About 30-60 minutes
(※ Depending on the nature of the group, duration hours can vary.)
Target Audience
Everyone with an interested in natural gas

Causes of Climate Change and Natural Gas

  • Changes in carbon dioxide concentration
  • Greenhouse gas emission factor
  • The causes of climate change and the image of natural gas
  • Space image. Hydrogen. 75% of space

Response to Global Climate Change

  • Response to Global Climate Change images
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